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  • What is Lumiq?
    LUMIQ is a cost-effective end to end platform designed to elevate the wealth management industry’s practices. From portfolio construction, asset allocation and optimization to goals-based financial planning, the platform provides an all encompassing digital solution. We are cloud-based and plug and play. Our interactive proprietary technology ensures stronger advisor performance and efficiency.
  • Who are Lumiq’s Customers?
    Lumiq is B2B and provides it’s wealth management solutions to financial intermediaries such as banks, brokers, wealth/asset managers, asset management firms and insurance companies as well as their financial advisors.
  • What is Lumiq’s core product?
    We are an end-to-end cloud based Saas platform that covers Investment Planning using our unique optimizers combined with our Goals based planning scenario simulations.
  • Is Lumiq a subscription-based platform? What are the fees involved to subscribe?
    Yes, Lumiq is a subsciption-based platform. We charge an annual subscription fees depending on the package selected. If any customization work is involved, add a one time set-up fee that's dependent on the set-up scope of work required. We believe we are very cost effective for what we provide. For more details, please contact us.
  • What asset classes are compatible with Lumiq’s platform?
    We have equity and fixed income funds, single stocks and bonds and ETFs currently. We are highly customisable and are always expanding our product list. For example, we are working on adding Private Equity as well as structured products. Please contact us to find out more.
  • Where are all your data extracted from?
    We are powered by Refinitiv Datascope and Morningstar API centre, besides others. On top of it, we have the output from our very own proprietary risk/returns engine.
  • How are portfolios constructed?
    The portfolio construction process uses tools to allow one to build robust portfolios based on proven asset management techniques, where the user chooses the asset classes, can blend his own own outright or relative views and optimizes it for the ideal allocation of risk vs returns and loss probability. To enhance effectiveness, Lumiq users also have the option to upload pre-set model portfolios according to their CIO or company approved list of funds which could be tweaked for optimized returns also.
  • Is Lumiq a registered entity?
    Yes and we are also certified by the Singapore Fintech Association.
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