Lumiq Studios at the Cannes Film Festival 2012

Fabio Massimo Cacciatori (CEO) e Franco Bevione will take part from 16th to 20th of may at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, looking for international coproduction and distribution of the actual projects.

Lumiq Studios will present five productions at the Festival.

State: Development
Director: Studio Director – Adriano Morosetti
Script: Nancy Sexton & Alon Bar
Genre: Animation
Format: 3D
Length: 80
Country: Italy
Language: English
Ruby at the IMDb

It is a spirited rite of passage story about friendship, courage and the power of following your dreams. The story takes place on a fictional planet inhabited by fun and cool creatures. Comedy, rekindles the exuberance and zest of classic epic fantasies. Yet, this fast paced story is fresh, original and chock-full of unexpected plot twists and never-before-seen characters.

Blackie & Kanuto
State: Ready for sales
Director: Francis Nielsen
Script: Segundo Altolaguirre – Gorka Sesma – Angel Pariente
Genre: Animation
Format: 3D
Length: 81
Country: Italy – France – Spain
Language: English
Official website:

Just think of what might happen in a quiet little farm if a spoiled sheep decides to go on the moon? Lumiq studios is happy to present Blackie & Kanuto, a fantastic story of friendship, adventure and …very risky spaceflights!

Donkey Xote
State: Ready for sales
Director: José Pozo
Script: Angel Pariente
Genre: Animation
Format: 3D
Length: 90
Country: Italy – Spain
Language: English – Italian – Spanish
Donkey Xote at the IMDb

This is a true adventure comedy. The donkey, Rucio,tells the true story of Don Quixote and defends the idea that he wasn’t mad, but in reality, Quixote was a very intelligent, passionate and enthusiastic fellow. We then follow Don Quixote, his squire, Sancho Panza (Quixotes best friend and the wealthiest man in town), Sanchos donkey, Rucio (who wants to be a horse) and a real horse, Quixotes faithful steed, Rocinante (who hates leaving his stable) on their adventure to duel the Knight of the Moon where, if Quixote wins the duel the true identity of Dulcinea will be revealed.

State: Ready for sales
Director: Tomás Rehorek
Script: Tomás Rehorek
Genre: Drama
Format: 35mm
Length: 90
Country: Italy – Czech Republic
Language: Czech – Italian subs
Promeny at the IMDb

Four interconnected story lines, portrating destinies of the ordinary people.
Wealthy lover’s pair, solving its issue of infertility, which is hardly taken by the female part. Deprived mother of two small children, reliant only on herself in the whirl of big city. Middle aged man, awared of its associality and need for family after devoting many years to its work. And older woman which looks back after her life looking for its other sense.
Unjust fate hitting out each of the characters in the same way without differencing the social status and it is only up to them how they will manage the consequences.
Film about family, love and inner atonement.